Episode 48 - Catching Glimmers: How mothers can illuminate their well-being daily

Join your host, Mel Findlater, on a journey to discover the power of "glimmers" in this heartfelt episode of Permission To Be Human.

As mothers, our days are often filled with tasks, responsibilities, and unexpected challenges. Yet, amidst the chaos, there lie countless moments of joy, beauty, and connection waiting to be recognized and cherished. These moments, or "glimmers," have the profound ability to transform our well-being, bringing light to the ordinary and elevating our daily lives.

In this episode, we dive into the essence of glimmers—what they are, why they're especially crucial for mothers, and how we can become adept at spotting them throughout our day. Mel shares personal anecdotes and stories from our listeners, illuminating the simple yet powerful ways glimmers can manifest. Whether it's the laughter of a child, the quiet beauty of nature, or a moment of heartfelt connection, we discuss how these instances can fuel our resilience, joy, and sense of purpose. Mel reminds us of the transformative power of glimmers, not just in our personal well-being, but as a catalyst for change and impact in the world around us.

Tune in to "Catching Glimmers: How Mothers Can Illuminate Their Well-being Daily" and start your journey towards a life filled with more joy, presence, and appreciation. Let's light up our worlds, one glimmer at a time.