Hey Mamas, the world needs the good that you will create when you are at your best

I believe that we are all here to create some good in the world - whether that be through a project, a business, our family or all of these things and more. To do this we need connection - with ourselves, with others, and with the wider world. 

Life happens - we react - we’re human. We feel all the things, from grieving losses to fearing change, to celebrating beauty and everything in between. This is what makes us human. What we do with these feelings is up to us. Imagine having all the tools and inner resources to feel those feels and move through them coming out stronger. Imagine being resilient. Imagine feeling connected to those you love most and to yourself. Imagine being your best self - so flourishing and vibrant that the people around you start to feel it to. Imagine the good that with this you can and will create.

Welcome to Permission To Be Human - a place where people like you find connection and belonging, rediscover their purpose and reignite their energy and passion for life, family, and work. A place where we find our best selves and do the most good. 

This is your place for you to be you. You have permission to be human and all that entails.   

As humans we are designed to do something bigger than ourselves

- together with others

Coming at you very soon!

Creating space for you

Coming at you very soon!

I create space for you to be human


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Hi! I’m Mel and I’m a possibility coach and community builder. I work with moms to help them connect first with themselves and then with their big, audacious dream. Why? Because the world needs the good that you will create when you are at your best.


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