episode 44 - Part 1 How to recover from toxic positivity with Jodi Mulholland

Part 1 - Jodi Mulholland 

We really get into the meat in this one folks! 

Jodi Mulholland shares her story about changing her life around after having breast cancer, being a school principal, and in her own words, having toxic positivity. She learned very specific tools of positive psychology that helped her and her family flourish and now she loves sharing these science backed tools with others. Today we specifically dive into The Choice Map by Dr Marilee Adams and how this useful, visual tool can help you and your family to adopt a growth mindset. In Part 2, Jodi and Mel will dig into character strengths and how they can help you be the best you. 

Jodi has a big audacious dream of helping individuals and groups to thrive by cultivating empowering mindsets and strengths that enable them to face the challenges of life with resilience. Her vision is to create a world that is kinder, where everyone has access to positive psychology tools to unlock their potential. This way, our families, schools, and communities can all flourish together. Jodi's goal is to empower people to constructively apply their talents in ways that uplift humanity.

You can find Jodi 

on instagram @jodi.mulholland 

or Linked In www.linkedin.com/in/jodi-mulholland