Episode 43 - Motherhood After Trauma with Emily Cleghorn

*trigger warning: childhood abuse

In today's episode we have a look into motherhood after trauma. Our guest Emily Cleghorn is an award-winning Trauma Recovery Coach, author, podcaster and inspirational speaker on a mission to support trauma-surviving mamas to navigate triggers and tantrums as they heal their childhood trauma in the midst of parenting. 

The thing is, trauma trauma happens to many, many people who then become mothers and our past reflects on who we are today. Emily taps into the necessary healing that needs to happen to help break the cycle with your kids. After surviving her own childhood trauma and then becoming a Mama and managing through some dark times, Emily knew that she needed to help others do the same. In this episode, you hear some of her story and journey to where she is now as well as how community can help her and you through it all. 


You can find Emily at home.mendedmamalife.ca

or https://www.instagram.com/emily.cleghorn.coach/

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