Episode 42 - taking care of you while leaving the world a better place with Katelyn Carey

This is a gem of an episode with Katelyn Carey. *trigger warning: The topics of breast cancer and miscarriage/medical abortion are discussed in this episode. We have the honour of hearing her experience of being a nurse, having a preventative mastectomy, seeing the need for trauma friendly resources and going out and making one called Beauty After Breast Cancer. The perfect example of seeing something that isn't right and going out and fixing it. AND Katelyn is an expert in supporting people who nurture and care to remember their own self care in the process, using science backed, well researched methods. She gives us super practical, not your every day tips and techniques and she is just so real with it all. Katelyn describes herself as: "I'm helping people in stressful situations (which is sometimes all of us) to shift perspectives in a way that connects us more strongly to ourselves and to each other. I do this by combining complex science from cognitive and trauma fields with humor and stories. I teach the science of compassion, hopefully helping all of us to move to a brighter and more hopeful place. " Collect your free Self Care First Aid Kit at https://www.katelyncarey.com/free-tools You can also check out her TEDx talk on The Problem With Empathy at the same link above. Get in touch with her via her website https://www.katelyncarey.com/ or over on Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/katelyn-carey-0000/