episode 41 - Making personal transformation accessible and fun with Lou Shackleton

You know how the self help section at a book store can seem kind of over done, overly ambitious and well, kind of boring? I feel like our guest in this episode is pretty much the opposite of this. Lou Shackleton is this beautifully creative, friendly, gentle, approachable, honest, and real person who truly wants to make the world a better place by making personal transformation more accessible and fun. 

Lou helps people to unblock stuck energy and find freedom in their day to day life at Design for Life. She dreams of a world where we all have the tools and skills we need to make change happen - for ourselves and others. Her life's mission is to make personal transformation more accessible and fun.

Lou is a good friend of mine who I have known for many years and in this episode you will hear some of our story of leaving the charity world to start a 'Change The World Gang' which eventually turns into a not for profit business. You will hear about our growth along the way, how it i=enabled our own transformations, and why it is relevant to you. 

Lou is packed full of useful tools and thought provoking questions. This is one not to be missed. 

To see Lou, me and our good friends dressed in robot and superhero costumes in a field, head on over here. It's mentioned in the shoe ;) 

Find Lou over at her website https://www.loushackleton.com

See her beautiful thought provoking doodles on instagram https://www.instagram.com/loushackleton

Read her thoughts on substack https://loushackleton.substack.com/

And if you are so intrigued about Lou that you would love to work with her, she's offering %15 off of her Getting To Know You Course with the code BeingHuman https://loushackleton.gumroad.com/l/gettingtoknowyou